Break the Photo Booth mold

The Photo Roamer out on the Dance Floor

The Photo Roamer breaks the photo booth out of the corner and into the action! Whether it is on the dance floor, at a concert or in a parade the Photo Roamer fits right in!

Brand Awareness

The Photo Roamer at a corporate party

This is not just for weddings. The Photo Roamer is the perfect addition for any event to build your brand. Every photo can be instantly branded with your logo and the event information.

Instant Sharing

Share photos instantly with the Photo Roamer

Guests can receive their photo instantly. Gone are the days of small photo strips that get lost. These photos are instantly sent to the guests emails or phone for them to be able to share online for all to see!

Data Collection


Ask us about how the Photo Roamer can be used to collect data from the guests at an event.